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PCE Instrument Product Sub Directory-Durometer


Durometer PCE-DD-A Shore A
Durometer PCE-DD-D Shore D
Durometer PCE-DX-AS Shore A
Durometer PCE-DX-AS-ICA Shore A incl. ISO Calibration Certificate
Durometer PCE-DDA 10-ICA incl. ISO Calibration Certificate
Durometer PCE-DDD 10 Shore D
Durometer PCE-DDD 10-ICA incl. ISO Calibration Certificate
Durometer PCE-DDO 10 Shore O
Barcol Hardness Testing Durometer PCE-1000N
Durometer PCE-2000N
Durometer PCE-2000N-ICA incl. ISO calibration certificate
Durometer for Metals PCE-2500N
Durometer for Metals with ISO Certificate PCE-2500N-ICA
Durometer PCE-2550
Durometer PCE-2550-ICA incl. ISO Calibration Certificate
Metal Hardness Testing Durometer PCE-2600N
Metal Hardness Testing Durometer with ISO Certificate PCE-2600N-ICA
Durometer PCE-2900
Durometer PCE-2900-ICA incl. ISO Calibration Certificate
Durometer PCE-3000UL
UCI Durometer PCE-5000
UCI Durometer PCE-3500 incl. 50N probe
Metal Hardness Testing Durometer PCE-900
Metal Hardness Testing Durometer PCE-900-ICA incl. ISO Calibration Certificate
Handheld Metal Hardness Durometer PCE-950
Metal Hardness Durometer with ISO Certificate PCE-950-ICA
Durometer PCE-PFG 100
Durometer PCE-VTS 50-PFG 500-KIT incl. Test Stand
Durometer PCE-DDA 10 Shore A
Durometer PCE-HT-225A
Durometer PCE-HT-75
Durometer PCE-HT-450
Durometer PCE-HT 225E
Durometer PCE-3000U
UCI Durometer PCE-3500-10 incl. 10N probe
UCI Durometer PCE-3500-98 incl. 98N probe
Durometer PCE-PFG 20
Durometer PCE-PFG 200
Durometer PCE-PFG 2K
Durometer PCE-PFG 50
Durometer PCE-PFG 500
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