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Jual Heating Mantle PCE-HM 5000

Deskripsi :

A heating mantle is designed to heat up samples or fluids in laboratories. Therefore the fluid that has to be heated is put in a round-bottom flask inside the heating mantle, which is heated up by means of a heating element. A heating mantle is an auxiliary device that is applied mainly in laboratories. The heating mantle helps you to heat or temper various samples or chemicals in the laboratory. The round-bottom flask that holds 5000 ml is placed into a crocheted net and is heated by means of a heating element beneath.


The device has a power of 800 Watt and reaches temperatures of up to 450 °C. Due to the simple fact that the heating mantle PCE-HM 5000 offers space for a round-bottom flask with a capacity of 5000 ml, it is proven that the heating mantle can heat a relatively large amount of fluids. Despite its large volume, it has the ability to heat the whole 5 liters as fast as possible since it only needs a short heat-up time in order to deliver the desired result. The temperature regulation of the heating mantle is performed by a stepless regulated rotary switch.



- Power 800 W
- Operation temperature 0 ... 450 °C 
- Quick Heat-up time
- for round-bottom flasks of up to 5000 ml 
- with rotary switch
- with an integrated controller
Spesifikasi :
For round-bottom flasks 5000 ml
Maximum operation temperature 0 ... +450 °C
Voltage Supply230 V
Power800 W
Operation timecontinuous
Dimensions inner
Ø 255 × 130 mm
Dimensions outer
Ø 350 × 250 mm
Weightapprox. 8 kg 

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