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Jual Heating Mantle 250 ml

The heating mantle PCE-HM 250 is an auxiliary device that is used in laboratories. The heating mantle helps you to heat or temper various samples or chemicals in the laboratory. The device is equipped with a crocheted net inside, in which the heating mantle can be placed in order to heat it up. The round-bottom flask is a typical shape of the glass containers that are placed into the heating mantle. 

Jual Heating Mantle PCE-HM 250

The round-bottom flask is a 250 ml tank that holds the corresponding amount of fluid. The temperature range of the heating mantle reaches 0 to 450 °C and that temperature can be set directly on the heating mantle by means of a stepless variable rotary switch. The quick heat-up time helps the user save time. If you are looking for a heating mantle that covers a different capacity or a different temperature range, please look at others in our selection.

- Power 150 W
- Operation temperature 0 ... 450 °C 
- Quick Heat-up time
- for round-bottom flasks of up to 250 ml 
- with rotary switch
- with an integrated controller
for round-bottom flasks 250 ml
Maximum operation temperature        
0 ... +450 °C
Voltage Supply230 V
Power150 W
Operation timecontinuous
Dimensions inner
Ø 200 × 160 mm
Dimensions outer
Ø 230 × 230 x 170 mm
Weightapprox. 2.5 kg 

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