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Alat Ukur Kadar Air Untuk Jagung PCE-GMM 10

Aplikasi :
The user-friendly grain moisture meter is ideally suited for a reliable determination of moisture in 15 different types of grain. The compact and handy design and the battery operation of the grain moisture meter guarantee a flexible and location-independent use. The moisture content can be determined using a grain moisture meter, for example, during the harvest in the field. The grain moisture meter is ideal for determining important indicators of grain storage and quality. The grain moisture meter from PCE Instruments is also an important tool for growing cereals, in mills, granaries or in the processing industries of cereals and legumes.

Products for online / inline measurement of grain moisture
Online moisture measurement is particularly suitable for grain moisture measurement in grain mills when steaming before grinding. Microwave moisture sensors allow a very quick and accurate grain moisture measurement. The moisture is continuously recorded in the mass flow with high reproducibility, regardless of density and temperature. In combination with an HMI (also from PCE Instruments) the purely measuring system becomes a complete control and monitoring system for controlling the grain moisture.

Moisture Meter Untuk Jagung PCE-GMM 10

 Spesifikasi :

Cereal    Measuring range    ResolutionAccuracy
Wheat9 ... 38%0.1%± 0.5%
Corn9 ... 39%0.1%± 0.5%
Japonica rice8.5 ... 40%0.1%± 0.5%
Indian rice8.9 ... 30.4%0.1%± 0.5%
Soybeans8.9 ... 33.4%0.1%± 0.5%
Rice10.4 ... 26.4%0.1%± 0.5%
Sorghum8 ... 35%0.1%± 0.5%
Rapeseed6.4 ... 25.4%0.1%± 0.5%
Millet9.4 ... 28.4%0.1%± 0.5%
Peanuts5.4 ... 18.9%0.1%± 0.5%
Barley9.4 ... 26.4%0.1%± 0.5%
Sunflower seeds7.9 ... 24.4%0.1%± 0.5%
Coffee beans10 ... 30%0.1%± 0.5%
Cocoa beans4.5 ... 17%0.1%± 0.5%
6 ... 18%0.1%± 0.5%
Adjustment range± 9.9%
Sample sizeAbout 65 ml
Operating temperature range 0 ... 40°C / 32 ... 104°F
Temperature compensationAutomatically
Power supply9V block battery
Automatic shutdownAfter 3 minutes

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